SEO Creators  – Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh and Panchkula tells you about Best On Page SEO & Website Optimization Techniques. We will tell you about best techniques that will help you to increase your website ranking and make your website SEO friendly and increase its presence, reputation and authority in Google search results.

First, we will tell you about SEO Creators

SEO Creators is a great institute of Digital Marketing in Chandigarh and Panchkula and we provide all knowledge about SEO, Digital Marketing, SMM, PPC, Email Marketing, Content Optimization, Advertisement etc. We awarded India’s best and top institute and training center in India, Chandigarh.

We create different – different types of courses for our valuable and great students because we want everyone stands on his or her feet and earn money via Digital Marketing and SEO and make his or her future bright with Digital Marketing.

Best On Page SEO & Website Optimization Techniques

On Page SEO and website optimization (Content Optimization), both are the important part of SEO. Because both are the ranking signal factors in Google and both are used to increase the website ranking in search results and increase the visibility of a website.

Add keyword at Top of website

SEO totally depends on focus keyword but the keyword placement is playing a major role in the website because non-relevant placement will not increase website SEO score, so we need to add keyword at the right place in the website.

Now the question is how to find right place so it is very easy. Add your website focus keyword at top paragraphs on the website like in the first paragraph and in second and also in third. In first three paragraphs, you need to add your website focus keyword.

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Add Testimonials in Website

Testimonials are playing important role in website reputation and website user experience and user interface because testimonials will help you to increase your website reputation in front of students and users.

If anyone visits your website and want to know about your website then the user will surely read your website testimonials because of testimonials from reviews. It means you need to add testimonials section on your website and need to add testimonials from your current and previous students.

Keyword Density in Website

Keyword density is playing an essential role in the website because if your website keyword density is poor than your website will not able to attain better and good rank in Google. So you need to do keyword density accurate.

Keyword Density depends upon the length of content means it is calculated in percentage(%) mode. If you have 2000 words in the website so you can easily add your keyword in the website for 10 times and if you have 3000 words in a website then you can add 15 times your keyword in the website.

Keyword density and keyword placement both are like same so do these two steps right to increase your website authority, reputation, and rank in Google.

Add Relevant Images on Website

Images are used to increase the website user interface and user experience, so add good images to the website to increase website experience. Add an image that is related to your website content, don’t add irrelevant images in the website.

Images should be related to website and its content because it will show relevancy and put a good impact on users. Images are also helpful to increase rank in images search results.

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