8 Easy Ways to Improve SEO Rankings

SEO seems pretty much easy when we talk about the process whereas, in reality, it is not everyone’s piece of cake. Many SEO professionals will agree with me that sometimes performing well in every task of SEO and optimizing a website for a particular keyword is not sufficient to rank a website high in the search results.

Google algorithm is not restricted to only how well your website is optimized or how much good quality backlinks your website is getting. It considers relevancy and user experience too for your website. How a user interacts with your website and how much time it spends on it.

There are plenty of small factors which can have a huge effect on the ranking of your website. Let’s see what are those factors and what should you do to rectify them.

1. Website UI

Your website UI should be interactive, user-friendly and effective.

If the user experience is not good on your website then your website will get high bounce rate which is not at all good for any business website whose intention is to do online business. The top websites listed in Google Search result are all user-friendly and have low bounce rate because the user’s objective is fulfilled. This is the effectiveness of a website which tells how much a user is satisfied after visiting your website.

2. Website Speed

Your website speed matters and if your website is not loading fast then forget about the top rankings. Most of the users leave a website if it takes more than 2 seconds to load and this is the factor that Bing and Google have been considering.

It may hurt your ranking if the loading speed of your web page is slow. So, in that case, you have to optimize your website. Check for all the codes, images and caching of your website.

Optimize the codes and images too. If you are a WordPress website owner then you can install WPsmush plugin to optimize the images and Supercache plugin or other worldwide famous plugins for caching of your website.

A fully optimized website loads faster and welcomes a user fast.

3. Outbound Links

You don’t want to pass all the link juice from your website? Right? But what if I say that if you link to other resourceful websites then Google will give your website more preference than others who do not link to other websites.

Linking out to other websites who have high authority will help your website to gain high ranking.

4. Quality Content

You know about it and for that, you are writing the content of more than 2000 words. Right?

But is it all your quality content should have?

Your quality content should have enough information to give the answer briefly to the user who came to fetch it. It should be informative enough along with the stats to back up your every sentence.

When you provide quality content to a user when the user spends more time on your website which search engines like Google and Bing notice. They see that number of users are spending more time on a website which is below some other websites which have high exit rate. So, in that case, the positions are shuffled and you get a higher ranking.

5. Broken Links

The process of correcting broken links is very simple but if the broken links are not rectified in time then it may have a huge impact on your website. Check for broken links on your website and if there are any then remove them so that the crawler doesn’t find any problem hovering inside your links.

6. Site Structure and Navigation

Your site structure should be designed to offer the users what they want. If a user doesn’t get on time what he wants on your website then he leaves it immediately because no one likes to waste time in finding.

The key to improving the ranking of your website is that you design it to deliver their objective the moment they want or the moment they enter. You have to design your site structure according to a user, to increase user experience and so that user can come back again. Users who come back again to a website are taken into consideration which increases the overall ranking of a website.

7. Mobile Optimized Website

Google is penalizing the websites which are not mobile optimized. Websites which were not good for mobile experience are penalized now. Now more and more people are surfing the internet only from their smartphones and if the website fails in being a mobile-friendly website then Google will not let it come at the top.

8. Social Media

There is no doubt Google is looking at Social activities of a website. It is noticing all the likes, shares, comments and how much people are talking about it. Google takes social media as a parameter for a website’s credibility in terms of providing good services and quality work. This effects the ranking of a website so if you have not been giving attention to your social score then its time that you do take it seriously.

Not only a website SEO gets affected by social sharing but also its visibility increases which drive more leads to a website and ultimately more sales. So focusing on social media is equally important to SEO.

Conclusion: There are many factors that affect SEO of a website so you have to make sure your website is not lacking any factor and there is no error present in it. Higher ranking is attained with patience so be patient and stick to only White Hat techniques.

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