SEO Creators will tell you about how to use Facebook Analytics. Facebook is the most used and popular social media site. It has billion of users. Facebook is used for news, social networking and for entertainment etc.

Facebook Analytics is used for business purpose, Facebook Analytics offers you many features that will help you to see your Facebook performance.

If you spend more time on Facebook analytics and Facebook tools.   Then you can easily recognize people behavior. You can know about users what they want to see on Facebook.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics has used for tracking the audience behaviors and knows how many users will visit on your facebook page. Facebook tools will help you to see your targeted audience.

In this facebook tools, you can know about your audience behavior regarding your business page. You can know that how many people will visit on your business page.

You can know how many people will see your posts and many more things. Facebook analytics is the new feature provided by the facebook.

You need to install the pixel and then you can track your targeted audience. Pixel is used to install the code on your website code so that you can track your performance.

Facebook analytics is different from Facebook insights because it will give you all the report of your business page activities. You can see your per page views and pages views.

It will help you to analyze all your page activities in the single window. You will know that your business page audience is increasing or decreasing.

Facebook Analytics Different from Facebook Insights

Facebook insights are used by many users and it is the popular tool but Facebook Analytics is different from facebook insights. It will tell you about your new users and many more.

It will provide you many features that will give you benefits. It is a very easy feature to use for new users. It will tell you about post engagement, page views, page per views and pages likes and comments.

To use Facebook analytics you need to install pixel on your website. With the help of pixel code, you can use Facebook analytics. It will track or locate all data.

Suppose if you are organizing an event and you need to know that how many users will buy the ticket then facebook analytics will help you to know about how many people will buy your ticket and tell you all activity about your event.

How to Install a Facebook Pixel

Facebook will provide you all instructions on how to generate and install pixel. You can select any of these sales events like –

Purchase event




Add to your wishlist

You can choose any types of events from this or you can also set or modify the parameters. To use pixel helper you need to install Google Chrome browser first.

If you are using Facebook analytics with pixel then you will see the beautiful report on your website page. You can know how many users will click on your ads.

You can know how many of users will buy from your ads, you can know the sales. When you choose the events during pixel installation then you can identify the event’s sales parts and sales.

You can also track your clients that you are losing your clients or increasing. Facebook analytics is the very helping tool for your business page.

It will tell you about all your page performance and it will provide you more features as compare to facebook insights.

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