So you want to apply for Google Adsense? Believe it or not but every blogger dreams of having Google Adsense approved on his/her blog. It is very obvious that a blogger is spending money on Domain and hosting and spending time on writing blog posts just for money.

Google Adsense is considered as one of the best ways to earn money online. Blogs apply for Google Adsense and if they comply with their guidelines then they get their Google Adsense account approved. Almost every blogger has applied for it and many got rejected.

Why Google Adsense is what every blogger needs?

Google Adsense is an ad system of Google which allows blogs to display ads on a given position on their blog. Bloggers display ads on their blogs and make money through cost per impression or cost per click.

Google Adsense is the easiest way to make money online by placing ads on a blog. More visitors you get to your blog more will be your income.

There are many reasons that Google will not approve an application. Let’s find out what are they.

Duplicate content:

If your blog has duplicate content then your application may get rejected because Google is very particular about running ads on blogs who are providing information to their viewers and are not copy pasting it from other sites.

Duplicate content bloggers often try to trick Google Adsense but it doesn’t work. So to get approved for Google Adsense you have to create unique content.

Google loves blogs who create their own content and add value to the knowledge of their audience. Blogs who create informative blog posts never find it hard to get approved for Google Adsense.

A number of the Blog post:

If your number of a blog post is less than 20-30 then your rejection is confirmed. However, I have seen blogs who get Google AdSense approval with only 6 posts. So it is not compulsory that your blog should have 30 blog post or more but still, I would recommend applying for Google AdSense after your blog has 30 blog posts.

Having these numbers of blog post also confirms that your blog is regularly updated and you care about your blog. You should be regular with publishing your blog post as it makes it clear for Google Adsense that your blog is regularly updated.

Domain age:

If you are living outside Asia then you can apply for Google Adsense whenever you want but in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh it is necessary for a domain to be 6 months old. Google has mentioned it very clearly in their guidelines that Blogs who are not 6 months old will get rejected in Asian countries.

 Website Design:

If your website design is not good and is not user-friendly then also your blog Google Adsense account will be rejected. Blogs who cannot offer a good interface to their users cannot be allowed to display ads as Google wants their users to provide the clean interface to surf over the internet so they also consider this thing while approving.

If a blog is having intrusive pop-ups and is very congested with ads then Google Adsense will reject the application.

Also if your website language is not supported by Google then your application will get rejected.

About Us page:

If your blog fails to tell about who is running the blog and what this blog is all about then Google will not approve the account as Google wants to build transparency between the blogger and its audience. A blog which is being run by some anonymous person cannot get Adsense approval.

Contact Us page:

You have to add a contact us page on your blog which lets people connect with you if they intend to. Contact us page in a blog is just as it makes it easy for people to connect with the blogger whose blog post they are reading.

It is also important to have a contact us page on a blog as if someone wants to ask about something to a blogger or wants to talk about business then he will require that contact us page.

Privacy Policy:

This page tells about how much a blog cares about the privacy of its visitors. Privacy policy page is essential on a blog especially when you are applying for Google Adsense.

Blogs who do not have privacy policy get rejected because Google wants to make sure that the viewer’s information is safe on the blog where the ad is running.

Blog Content type:

If your blog is from any of these industries then Google will definitely reject your Adsense application.

  • Pornography/Adult materials
  • Pirated Content
  • Hacking or Cracking Tutorials
  • Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia
  • Any Other Illegal Stuff

Websites who are from these niches do not get approval from Google Adsense because it is illegal in the eyes of Google.

When your blog will get approved?

If your blog is older than 6 months and has a good number of blog posts then you sure will get Google AdSense approval. If you create good quality content and are consistent with publishing blog post on it and also if you are getting enough traffic which is needed to display ads on a blog then your Google AdSense account will be approved. However, it is not the same for everyone, sometimes Google just rejects a good blog and sometimes approve a bad one.

Some of you might be following these points but your application got rejected. Do not get demotivated from it. Publish some more blogs posts with good quality content and make them as much as information you can. Wait for few days and apply again as there is nothing like that your application will remain disapproved always.

Conclusion: These are just the parameters which have an influence on your Google AdSense approval. If you follow these tips your blog will definitely get approved for Adsense. I have followed these tips and got my Adsense account approved.

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