What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is the Ad network of Google that helps marketers to run ads and reach their target customers instantly.

Google Adwords has gained much popularity since it’s been started. Nowadays it is said to be the finest and fastest ways to drive some sales in a business through it. It is a lot faster than SEO and gives ROI easily without any extra efforts.

The only thing that matters here is that it costs you money. For every click, you pay some amount of money to Google which it takes as a commission to drive the user to your website. But considering the amount of potential it has and what it can do for a business, it’s worth it and that is why companies who run online businesses have been opting for it.

But how Google decides which ads to display?

Google has set some parameters which help them distinguish between the ads and give them a priority. The major parameters include:

The amount of Bid placed for the keyword – This influences the position of a particular ad on Search Engine Result Page considering the Ads of competitors is also well optimized. Websites which pay exactly the same amount of keyword-value are placed at the top of the first page and those who bid with less money are placed in the footer of the first page and in next pages.

The quality of Ad – As the Google Ad is manually approved so it also gets rejected if the quality score of an Ad is not good. Like for example if an ad is not relevant to the keyword then it will definitely get rejected or if the Ad is being run for the illegal things that are not allowed in Google Adwords.

Have a look at this flowchart to understand more about the decision-making process of Google Ads.

complete guide to Google Adwords

Let’s start discussing its different types so that you can get to know Google Adwords better.

Type of Google Ads

Google Adwords Types

There are 5 types of Ad campaigns that are further categorized into several other Ad types as per need.

1. Search Network

Search Ads are those which are displayed in Google search result. When a user searches for the desired keyword the Ads that are running for the particular keyword are displayed to him. For example, if you search for Manali Trip Package then the Google result will be like this.

search Ads result on Google

As you can see this is the upper half of the search result page of Google and the 4 websites which have appeared are all ads. Websites in which “Ad” is written in front are all search ads or we can say these are Text Ads.

Important Factors 

Targeting – You can run your ad for a specific location as per your business needs.

Ad copy relevance – As I told you earlier that your ad should be relevant to the keyword. It should not be off topic.

Landing Page – The landing page on which you drive a user through Ads should be well optimized and should provide the promised objective.

There are different types of Search Network Ads

Call only Ads – Do you know you can directly enable a user to call from search result page?

Call only ads instead of taking a user to a landing page enable calling instantly on call enabled mobile devices.

Dynamic Ads – In Dynamic Ads if a website landing page is well optimized and smartly made then you can use this type of Ad format. These are also text ads except that there is no keyword specified and the Ad title and content changes according to the search query.

Mobile App Promotion –  These ads run in mobile apps and are suitable for those who want users to take some action through Ads like install their app.

All these Ads are displayed as text ads and are present in other Ads format except for Call only ads.

2. Display Ads

Display Ads are those Ads which are present on websites in different size and different areas. You must have seen ads on websites in Header or Sidebar or between the content of a blog post. These all are display ads.

These ads appear on every website which has opted for Google Adsense. These Ads are not always relevant to what the information has been provided on the website but these ads appear according to search history of a person and the cookies that they collect from a user.

Important Factors

Keywords – Display ads appear on websites according to the keywords they are optimized for. Keywords help Google to display ads on websites with relevant content.

Placement – If you want to place ads in your industry relevant websites then you can also do that. You can add names of the websites in your targeting on which you want your display ads to show.

Remarketing – Suppose a user visits your website to shop for something and then doesn’t purchase the given service or product from your website. Using remarketing ad campaign you can remind him of your products as the remarketing ad campaign follows a user on every website.

3. Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are a mixture of Text and Display Ads. If you have products to sell then you can use shopping Ads to showcase your products on Google search result page to attract customers to your website and get more leads.

Shopping Ads act like a boon for retailers who seek to sell their products online. These ads tend to have more conversion and can give better ROI.

To run Shopping Ads you need:

  1. To set up an account on Google Merchant Center where retailers list all their products.
  2. Set up an account on Google Adwords and link both of them together.
  3. You need to submit data about your products after every 30 days.

This way you can create your shopping ads and let Google display your products whenever a potential user searches for the focused keyword.

4. Video Ads

Video Ads are just like display Ads but they are not images, they are videos. Video ads have an upper hand on Ads with images as the video Ads enables you to describe more about what you have to offer.

Video Ads get more attention than normal image ads. You must have noticed that you sometimes end up watching the video of Ads just because they are so beautifully made. That’s not the case with text or image ads.

Ther are some benefits of Video Ads

  1. You can use demographic targeting in Video Ads to more efficiently reach your audience.
  2. Video Ads give an enhanced reach over your audience through Youtube.
  3. Video Ads drive more ROI than other Ad formats according to a study.
  4. You can measure how your Ad is performing as you get access to many parameters which are not present in other Ads formats.

Here is an example of a video Ad displayed on Youtube

video ads


Video Ads are promising and can help you perform better than your competitors who are still hesitant to adopt it for their campaigning.

5. Universal Ad Campaign

This type of Ad campaign helps businesses who have a mobile app. You can promote your app in different places like PlayStore, Display & YouTube. It gives an option to the user to directly install an app from the platform. In this, an advertiser has to just provide some text with relevant information and a budget.

Then Adwords will design ads by using all the provided information. Google will then detect all the ads and will display the one which is performing the best among others.

Here is an example of Universal Ad Campaign

universal app campaign ads



I am sure that I have been able to make you familiar with Google Adwords and its types. Google Adwords is a vast area which can not be understood by someone without performing. You have to experiment with Ads several times and then you will be able to understand it more properly.

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