SEO Creators will tell you about how to use Snapchat. Snapchat becomes the most popular mobile social media app. Snapchat users are increasing day by day. It is based on mobile platform and it is mostly used by the young generation.

According to a survey, snapchat has 150+ million active users daily. That is why it is best for your business, it will help you more customers and popularity.

Snapchat is the most secure and private social media app because your snaps or stories will show only for 10 seconds and then it will automatically disappear from snapchat.

It is the unique feature of snapchat. Now the snapchat is the best app for target mobile audience. The guide to how to use snapchat –

what is Snapchat

First, you need to know about Snapchat that what is it. Snapchat is a mobile-based app that is used for image texts and multimedia. All your data and images or stories will be appearing for some time.

This app will provide you some unique features like its filters are new and unique.

How to Set Up a Snapchat Account

You need to follow these steps to set up a Snapchat account –

You need to download the app from your app store or Google play store.

After download the snapchat app, you need to choose to sign up option.

Now you need to create your account and follow the steps.

Add all your details like email or phone number and set your account password.

After creating the account, it will require verification.

You need to verify that you are a real human.

After creating the account successfully you need to scan all your contact and it will scan your contacts.

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Snapchat Features

After creating the successful account in Snapchat, now you can use all its features.

You can post stories and images in your profile and you can send any text or image to your friend that is available on snapchat.

You can manage your stories and snaps.

When your profile is created on snapchat, a camera window will be opened.

In the camera window, if you slide left then it will show you all your chats and in right slider. It will show your friends list.

How to add friend in snapchat

In the camera window, you need to slide the screen top to bottom then it will show you your profile and friend requests.

You can add or send requests to anyone that will use snapchat but you need to know the username.

With the help of username, you can find and add friends in snapchat.

How to use Snapchat Filters

Snapchat provides amazing and unique filters, it is the most popular feature of snapchat. Most of the users will use snapchat for its filters.

To access or use the snapchat filters you need to tap on your snapchat camera window, after the tab, it will show you all its filters.

You can choose any filter and click a snap. If you want to click a snap you need a single click on your camera window. But if you want to create a story then you need to hold the capture button.

After press the capture button snapchat will automatically create your snapchat story. After creating the story you can add your story to your profile.

How to view your Memories on Snapchat

To see your all stories and snaps in snapchat, you need to slide the camera window to the bottom to top then it will appear a memories window.

In this window, your memories will show and you can easily check your all memories in snapchat.

Snapchat is most loving social media app, which is used by the young generation. It is widely used by the youth, according to a survey 18 to 30 years people will use snapchat most.

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