SEO Creators tells you about How To Create Successful Ads Campaign on Social Media Sites. Advertisement and promotion is the great way to increase business online and increase business or brand value, reach, visibility and reputation because advertisement will boost your business popularity.

First, you need to know about Advertisement or Ads benefits –

It will improve your business online

Increase brand awareness

Help to generate more conversions and engagements with customers

Generate more leads

Boost website traffic, reputation, authority, and visibility

Help to reach more people

Help to target your valuable audience

Increase your business sales and revenue

Provide you, new customers and clients,

Boost your business or brand social media presence

These are the most important benefits of social media ads and advertisement is very major part of every big business or brand, who need to set business online.

How To Create Successful Ads Campaign on Social Media Sites

To create Ads on top Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, you need to create a business page on Facebook.

Create a Business Page on Facebook

To create a successful ads campaign on Facebook, first, you need to create a business page on facebook. With the help of business page you can run your social media Ads on Facebook, without page you can’t run ads so the page is a must.

Create a page and optimize the page with all your business or brand details like add website URL, Add proper address, add business or brand images in page etc. After filling all the details your facebook business page is ready to use for Ads.

Create an Ads Campaign

There are various types of ads available on the social media sites like

Page Promotion Ads

Post Promotion Ads

Clicks on Website Ads

Like on Post Ads etc

These are the different types of Ads, you need to choose your ads to type what you want.

After selecting the ads type, then you need to set your ads featured image and a bold and good title for ads that will show your ads and users will see that title. Write an impressive title to generate more reach.

Add a good quality image in ads so that it will attract more users After title and image will do than you need to select age group in ads means what type of age groups people will show your ads like 18 to 40 or 15 to 50 etc.

After selecting the age than you need to choose your targeted audience means what city or country you want to run your ads like if you are Indian and want to cover all India or 4 or 5 cities than you can enter city name like Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Pune etc and if you want to cover any country than you can write India, Canada, Japan etc.

Choose your right audience because it is very important and after adding the audience you need to set your budget and how many days you want to run your ads on social media. Facebook and Instagram starting one-day budget are 40 Indian rupees.

So you can set your budget according to your business or brand goals, after doing all setting click on run ads and Facebook will take 15 to 20 minutes to review your ads and then it will publish your ads in Facebook.

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