SEO Creators will tell you about how to increase website ranking in SERP results. Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh. To attain better ranking in Google is the most difficult thing. You need to put all your SEO factors and efforts on your website to increase ranking and visibility in search engine results.

If your website comes on the 1st page of Google then it is great. But if you want to make your website position in top 3 then you need to do a lot of work.

If your website will take a position in top 3 on 1st page then your website will attain huge traffic and visitors. To increase your website traffic you need to do proper and technical SEO.

With the help of SEO and other techniques, you can increase your website ranking.

Add Relevant Keywords

To attain better ranking in the search engine you need to find the best-suited keywords for your website. Right and focused keywords will help you to attain better ranking in SERP results.

Without right keyword, your website can’t attain high ranking in SERP results. So first do a keyword research for ranking.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking is the part of On Page SEO and it is also a ranking factor signal. It will help you to attain better ranking in Google.

Internal linking means that your website one page will have an internal link to your another web page. It is called internal linking process.

Combine all your website pages with each other to attain better ranking.

How to Increase Website Ranking in SERP Results

Website Speed

Improve your website speed. Try Google speed test tool to measure your website speed. Speed is a very important part of ranking and visibility.

Increase your website speed so that it will provide the great user experience. Good website speed will help you to attain better ranking in search engine.

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Link Building

Link Building is the part of Off Page SEO. You need to build quality links to your website. More link building will help you to attain faster ranking in a high position.

But keep in mind only build high-quality links from high authority websites. Don’t create links from spam websites.

Spam websites links will drop your website ranking and reputation.

Mobile Responsive website

You need to set your website according to the mobile screen so that it will provide a rich experience to mobile users. Mobile optimization is must in 2018.

Mobile users will beat desktop users in internet access. You need to optimize your website.

Content Update

To attain better ranking in Google. You need to update your website content. You need to add more content to your website.

Content is the most important part of SEO and ranking. More content means more high ranking in SERP results.

But don’t use duplicate content on your website, it will drop your website reputation and ranking. Try to write fresh and useful content.

Your one post should be minimum contains 1800 to 2000 words. According to Google 1900 words, content will attain better ranking in search engine.

Use social media sites

CTR means clicks on the website is the also part of ranking factor. You need to use social media sites to increase your website traffic.

Traffic will also help you to increase your website authority and ranking.

With the help of social media sites your website get popular and get more visitors and new clicks.

New clicks will help you to rank your website faster on Google.

Social media sites have millions of users so attract your targeted audience via social media sites and increase your website ranking.

So always update your content after fetching the website.

Doing all these parameters to attain better ranking in search engine results.

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How to Increase Website Ranking in SERP Results

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