SEO Creators will tell you about top 2018 social media trends. Social media is the important part of SEO and digital marketing. Basically, social media is used to improve the popularity and website traffic.

Every SEO expert or person will use social media to increase traffic and brand awareness because social media sites have millions of users. Social media will help you to build an online brand.

The top social media platforms that will help you to increase your business, these are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat etc.

When we talk about social media, Facebook always comes first because Facebook is used by all age group people and it has total 1 billion+ users.

Facebook is the most used social media site for business and brand popularity. It will increase your brand popularity and visibility.

Instagram is the second widely used social media site. Basically, it is totally based on mobile platform. Instagram has 800+ million users and it has a huge audience.

Instagram stories will help you to boost your business popularity and traffic.

Pinterest is the fastest growing social media sites, it is based on pins or images. You can add your website links to your Pinterest posts.

Twitter is the third most popular and used social media site. It is available on mobile and desktop platform. Basically, Twitter is used for news but it will help you to grow your business.

LinkedIn is the best social media site for business. It is used by professionals and it has millions of traffic on site. LinkedIn special features will grow your business faster.

Snapchat becomes the top social media app. It is based on mobile platform and it is widely used by the young generation. If you want to attract youth then Snapchat is best social media site for your business.

The top social media trends are below –

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are the most popular and most used feature of Instagram. According to a survey, 180+ million users are being used Instagram stories.

Instagram stories are the top social media trend in 2018, it will help you to grow your business faster and increase popularity. Create unique and attractive stories for your business.

Try to create impressive stories that will help you to attract more users.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing will help you to increase your brand popularity and visibility instantly. It will sponsor your ads and help you to attract your targeted audience.

It totally depends on your budget that you will set on your ads. Influence marketing will give you more traffic and grow your business.

If you are trying to plan social your social media strategy then you need Influence marketing.

Live Videos

Live videos are the new trend of social media site. Users will watch more live videos as compare to recorded videos. Users will spend more time on live videos.

Users will watch facebook live videos more as compare to normal videos. It means live videos is the new trend of social media and it will boost your business presence.

Live videos will help you to build a strong relationship with your audience and followers. It will increase your social popularity and followers.

Pinterest Pins

Pinterest is the growing social media site. Pinterest pins will help you to increase your business popularity. You can easily add your links to your pins.

Twitter Tweets

Twitter tweets will help you to increase your business conversions and sales. You need to create unique tweet post that will attract users so that users will click on your link.

It will increase your website traffic. You need to add #hashtags and keywords in your tweets so that your tweet post get more visibility on Twitter.

Snapchat Filters

Snapchat is now used by millions of people. It is mostly used by young generation and its most important feature is its unique and beautiful filters.

People will use snapchat for its filters to create a story. Snapchat stories are used by millions of people Every day. It is the best suited social media app for increase business visibility and popularity.

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