SEO Creators will tell you about 3 Technical SEO tips To Improve Ranking. Technical SEO is an advanced version of normal SEO. Technical SEO will help you to attain better ranking and visibility in search engine results.

It will give you great benefits in ranking factor. Technical SEO is a part of ranking signal. If your SEO will not give you sufficient results then you need to do technical SEO.

SEO expert will do proper technical SEO and a fresher will not able to do technical SEO because fresher did not know the technical SEO factors.

So if you are experienced in SEO and you have skills then you can do technical SEO for your website to attain better ranking.

3 Technical SEO tips To Improve Ranking

Technical SEO factors –

Audit Your Website

Technical SEO first point is audited your website. Audit website is the major part of SEO because it will give you the report of your SEO score.

It will also tell your website SEO mistakes and errors. You can fix your website errors and broken links.

Audit your website is a great way to analyze your website SEO performance. You can easily know your website errors.

After audit your website. You need to fix all the errors.

If any image missing the ALT text then add it.

If you find any broken links fix them.

Check all your website performance to attain better ranking.

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Update Website Content

Content is the main root of ranking in search engine results. It is the main element of ranking factor. After creating a website and fetch your website in Google.

Suppose you are doing SEO for your website and it will not attain high rank in Google then the reason is your website content.

If SEO will unable to give your effective results then you need to update or change your website content.

With the help of content updating process, Google will visit again on your website and fetch your content.

Google will understand that you are doing good work for your website then it will push your website in SERP results.

Add more content in the website is an effective way to boost your website ranking and visibility and reputation.

According to Google, you need approx 2000 world content on your one web page or in the post to attain better ranking.

So try to write more content on your website and add unique and fresh content in the website.

More content will also increase your website reputation in the search engine.

Increase Your Website Speed

To improve your website ranking in 2018. You need to increase your website loads speed.

Google will rank that website which has good speed and provides the rich and bold user experience.

To increase your website speed, first, you need to compress all your website images.

High pixel images will slow down your website speed performance. So compress all your images.

Second, you need to minify your HTML and CSS files.

After doing these two steps your website speed will be improved and it will put an impact on your website rank.

These are the top 3 technical SEO factors that will help you to increase your website ranking in Google results.

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3 Technical SEO tips To Improve Ranking


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